Tom Izzo MSU's basketball coach from Iron Mountain, Michigan is going into the Basketball Hall Of Fame this week. It's a long time coming. Tom Izzo is what sports should always be about. He has always been a man of integrity. Never, cutting corners and always holding players accountable on and off the court.

Tom Izzo will be walking into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame in Springfield. I am really happy that I have gotten to become good friends with Coach Izzo. He gets it! When my late mother "Corky" DeMarco was sick with lung cancer, Tom Izzo felt compelled to contact her and give her an uplifting chat. She was so happy to speak with him. When I was going through that very tumultuous situation, knowing my mom was going to die he would call me to check in. He will never know how appreciative I was for that kindness.

He also attended her funeral at St. Gerard. My point is this cat isn't just basketball, he's is an all-around outstanding man that represents his family, town and university with the highest quality. I knew Tom Izzo was a hall of fame individual even before his election into The Basketball Hall of Fame. Congratulations.

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