Tom Izzo came on 'Mad Dog in the Morning' today and clarified what he said about Keith Appling at his press conference yesterday.

Izzo was unhappy with how some media reports initally interpreted his comments.  When talking about Appling's wrist injury at his weekly press conference Monday, Izzo said, "The next major decision I am going to have to make if it lingers, is shutting him down."

On the Mad Dog show, he clarified by saying, "If Keith doesn't improve drastically this week, then I might have to sit him out the rest, which is only two weeks, of the Big 10 season. I think they took it as I meant the rest of the year.  And I'm not doing that."

You can listen to Izzo's comments on the Mad Dog show here:

Here is the link to Izzo's Monday press conference for the inital comments:


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