Tom Izzo was on the Mad Dog Show yesterday (October 14th).

Coach Izzo is entering his 26th or 27th year as the Head Coach for MSU, and he of course won a National NCAA Championship in 2000 with Mateen Cleeves. A lot has happened in 21 years with MSU Basketball. So much that I can’t even go into all of the good, bad and ugly of MSU Hoop.

Tom is a warrior who does it the right way. He has an old-school mentality and doesn’t take any crap, which I really admire. But with today’s athlete, the transfer portal and NIL he has more new era things to deal with. He will adapt just fine.

Izzo has a new but old coaching staff after bringing back some old coaches that used to be on his staff to fill voids. This will be a new-looking, competitive team. Tom Izzo doesn’t duck any opponents either. Never has and never will.

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If you come to play for Coach Izzo, you better get your boots and trunks. It’s not a country club atmosphere. Meaning the Breslin Center is a Hall of Fame facility with all the bells and whistles. But you have to work and play his type of basketball. Hardcore hoop, that’s what I call it!

Tom Izzo will be on a quest for his second NCAA Championship starting November 9th versus Kansas in New York. What do you think of MSU hoop this upcoming season?

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