The New England Patriots superstar quarterback Tom Brady will be making his return to the gridiron this Sunday. Brady, was suspended for the first four games by the NFL. This was such a joke, but not funny. The commissioner Rodger Goodell had an agenda against Brady. Brady was suspended because he allegedly deflated pressure in footballs he used in the game. This technique has been done by former NFL quarterbacks for years.

Tom Brady was charged with this and it was called "Deflate Gate". This was one of the biggest jokes in sports history. The Patriots had to pay a huge fine to the NFL and they lost a draft pick too. I have spoken with many former NFL quarterbacks about "Deflate Gate" and they all said this has been done for years. Goodell was on a mission to get back at Brady and the Patriots for many reasons.

So, now his suspension is over. With backup quarterbacks the Patriots are 3-1 in their first four games. Now, I hope Tom Brady will lead the Patriots a Super Bowl victory. Then, Rodger Goodell would have to hand them the Lombardi Trophy. This whole problem was exposed during a game. It was also found out that a couple of team managers were asked to deflate the pressure of Brady's footballs. What was never conclusive was did he ask these guys to do it. Well, I guess will see how this plays out for the NFL and the New England Patriots

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