When I see fire or flames I immediately think of the Detroit Tigers bullpen. This situation has really gotten out of hand. Anibal Sanchez is paid $16 million this year to be rotten. So what are the Tigers going to do with him? This guy throws batting practice every time he takes the field. The Tigers are sort of stuck. But professional teams print money, so cut him lose.

But he isn't alone in the stinking department right now. We can include Francisco Rodriguez and a few other middle relievers. This is going to either crush the chances of the Tigers to get into the playoffs or get the manager fired.

The Detroit Tigers do have a very good team, but some of these pitchers just flat out smell. But Anibal Sanchez takes stinking to another limit. For a man to get paid his salary, he is not cutting the cake. He had a very decent spring training but now just smells. The Tigers are getting back some outstanding position players like Iglesias, Miggy, and J. D. Martinez. But, all I can say is some of these pitchers for the Tigers are just gas on the fire. To go to the playoffs this must change!


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