Tonight at 7:30 in Durham, North Carolina the MSU Spartan hoop team can set the pace to this Pandemic season. Tom Izzo has never won in Cameron Indoor Stadium where the Duke Blue Devils play.

Coach Izzo has never beaten Coach K in his backyard, but this year is quite different. Because of the Pandemic, there will be no fans or students allowed to watch the game in person. This is a huge asset for Coach Izzo and his team. Like MSU with the Izzone, Duke University has the Cameron Crazies. Also, the students are very close to the floor and can almost touch the players.

MSU has to take advantage of this situation. This is a valuable nugget for the Spartans.

MSU is ranked number eight in country and Duke is number six. This is the State Farm Classic tonight with Duke a four point favorite tonight. If MSU can cut the cake and beat Duke, that would set the pace for the rest of the season. Tom Izzo has already personally dealt with the coronavirus. Now, it’s his time to get a win on the road in Durham.

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