If you put two videos in front of my face, and it's between the Detroit Tigers and this little pooch, I'm going to unfortunately go with the dog every time! No hate for the Detroit Tigers either, they are a legendary Michigan team.

I mean, it's a dog, why wouldn't you rather watch the dog hit a home run over a human doing it?

A Dog Went Viral For Hitting A Baseball

I was scrolling on TikTok the other night, and this little pup popped up on my for you page, and he was rather impressive.

The dog was actually hitting a baseball with a bat. Take a look at the video below!


@barstoolsports How does this effect Air Buds legacy? @starting9 ♬ Use my sound - Carson Cerny

The Comments Are Equally As Great As The Video

Listen, if you can get your dog to do this, you might as well try and have them audition for the Detroit Tigers.

But with that being said, this comment section was great!

"100% my heeler is hitting me with the bat"- Jt Mathews via TikTok

I'm guessing JT will be keeping his bats away from his pooch.

"Imagine explaining to your neighbor your dog broke the window😅" Marky via TikTok

But could you actually imagine having to say that it was the dog who broke the window??

"Nice. Mine bites car tires and steals entire bagels from one of our neighbors 👍🏼" kaysalmini1999

Maybe this is just me speaking here, but this dog should be the new mascot for the Detroit Tigers.

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