The Detroit Tigers(13-9) beat the Chicago White Sox (14-14) tonight in Chicago, 3-4. The Sox took the lead in the 3rd when a line drive double from Adam Eaton brought home Marcus Semien.  A ground ball single from Gordon Beckham scored a run from Adam Eaton, and a line drive double from Adam Dunn, brought home Gordon Beckham, giving the Sox a 3 run lead. The Tigers would get their first run in the fourth when a single from Victor Martinez brought in Ian Kinsler. Tigers tied the game in the 6th when Miguel Cabrera scored a run from a ground ball single hit by Torii Hunter. The tying run would be scored by Victor Martinez when Austin Jackson hit a line drive single. In the 9th, a single bunt hit by Bryan Holaday allowed Austin Jackson to score the game winning run. Tigers play the Sox again tomorrow, game broadcast begins at 1:45 PM on Lansing's Big Talker, 1240 AM, WJIM.

Game Recap