If all goes according to plan, the Detroit Tigers will fill their vacant managerial post with a guy who has a lot to prove.

Several sources are reporting this morning that the Detroit Tigers will announce their new manager Friday afternoon.

Put me on the side of 'I hope this backfires at the last minute.'

Hinch was suspended this past season for his involvement in the Houston Astros cheating scandal.

The Astros were busted for stealing pitch signs from opponents using video cameras and other devices, some of the stolen signs were communicated to hitters using noises or drum beats.

While no Astro players were suspended, Hinch was, along with General manager Jeff Luhnow and former bench coach, Alex Cora. Cora was also fired from his new job as manager of the Boston Red Sox for his participation in the scandal.

While Hinch says he was not the mastermind of the sign stealing scam, he allegedly did nothing to stop it, either because A) he really didn't want to stop it, or B) his players thought so little of him, they refused to stop it. Neither of which reflects fondly on Hinch.

However, I will look at the plus side and say Hinch will work hard to prove he is a good manager without cheating, so he is motivated to prove himself.

Time will tell. But with the Tigers organization's recent history, I'm not holding my breath.

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