The Detroit Tigers (4-1) lost to the Baltimore Orioles (2-4) this afternoon at Comerica Park, 3-1. The first 3 innings were scoreless, due to Justin Verlander's Pitching. At the bottom of the fourth, Torii Hunter hit a Home run for a 1-0 lead.  Then, at the top of the 6th inning, Nelson Cruz hit a double to bring home Adam Jones to tie the game. A sacrificed fly ball by Adam Jones in the 8th allowed Nick Markakis to take the lead. Then at the top of the 9th, Matt Wieters hit a home run to seal the victory for the Orioles. The Tigers now go on a 5 game road trip and play the L.A. Dodgers on Tuesday, April 8th. Game broadcast begins at 9:45 PM on Lansing's Big Talker, 1240 AM, WJIM.

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