The Minnesota Twins (12-11) took out the Detroit Tigers (12-9) today in Minnesota, 5-3. Detroit was off to a strong start in the 1st inning when Miguel Cabrera hit a fly ball double, and after an error from right fielder Sam Fuld allowed Torii Hunter to score. After a sacrifice fly ball from Victor Martinez brought in Cabrera. In the 3rd, starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez suffered an injury and Jose Ortega was called from the bullpen. The Tigers would keep their lead until the bottom of the fifth. The Twins scored their first run off of a sacrifice bunt from Eduardo Escobar to bring in Fuld. After a walk that loaded the bases, Phil Coke was called from the bullpen, and a walk to Joe Maur ties the game. A line drive single from Trevor Plouffe scored two more runs from Escobar and Brian Dozier. In the 8th Josmil Pinto hit a homer for an extra run for the Twins. At the top of the 9th, Victor Martinez would hit a home run, but he would be the only one to score. The Tigers take on The Twins again tomorrow, game broadcast begins at 1:45 PM on Lansing's Big Talker, 1240 AM, WJIM.

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