Last night in Cincinnati, the Detroit Tigers stunk up the place. I cannot believe a team can be that snake bit! The Tigers were cruising along with a 5-0 lead, then the flood gates opened up. The Cinci Reds had lost nine in a row until last night. How can this pitching staff be so awful? Maybe their former GM who is now with Boston didn't get the guys. But these guys are not getting it done.

To me, it is now evident that their manager Brad Ausmus probably will not be back as the manager next season. Maybe he doesn't play but his leadership and clubhouse command is not getting it done. This is a team who has had a twilight like zone season. This makes me vomit. I cannot believe the money that the owners have paid these cats and this is the result.

The offense has been good enough, but the pitching has stunk. We all have been spoiled these past nine seasons, with two World Series appearances and multiple Divisional Championships. This team has turned into a great team into a team that has some wonderful players, but their pitching in middle relief smells. This franchise can be good again next season, but they better have the right plan ready to execute.