Today is throwback Thursday and who ever invented that should be commended. My child hood was great. I had two great parents that gave me so many wonderful memories. My family was in the restaurant business and that alone was very cool. My grandfather Joe DeMarco, my dad and three uncles always fished and hunted. Which again, was very cool.

As a kid I was exposed to going on fishing trips to our family camp in Ontario and pheasant hunting in Iowa. As a very young child my grandparents owned a cottage up north. I would go there with them and my cousins. We would always play seasonal sports, but mostly baseball and football.

Let’s get back to throwback Thursday. There were so many things that I did and are starting to do now again. I can list them, fishing, golfing, hunting, shelling, and just getting back to calm down the hectic pace. Since, it took me until I was 54 to get married my wife is the best. We share great times all the time.

People all I can say is you have one life and live it to the fullest. That means start going back in time and do what made you happy as a kid. This sounds corny, but it's not. As a kid I collected sports cards, coins, read a lot about sports heroes and presidents. I might do a few things differently but I really enjoy looking back at my youth.