My family owned DeMarco’s Bar and Grocery for almost 90 years. My grandparents began the business and four brothers owned and ran it for years Vic, Bob, Ed, (my dad) and Jim. I’ve often talked about this because I am so proud to be born into that heritage. I really believe I inherited a strong work ethic from both my parents.

My cousins and I also worked in this facility off and on for many years. I could go on and on, but really what I want to hammer home is my time as a social chemist (bartender). I learned much more behind our bar then I ever did any place else, and I’m a college graduate.

The great basketball coach Al McGuire once said anyone who tends bar, waitresses or drives a cab can do any job if they apply themselves. I really have always believed his theory. I was lucky because my family’s bar was a very popular beer garden for many years in the Lansing area. My dad tended behind the bar early in his life and my uncles did too. My cousins Terry, John and Bob also tended bar there.

Terry was outstanding behind the bar. I followed him after he’d gone into the car business. We had a lot of fun, talked a lot of sports and made revenue. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always a bed of roses. But I’m now going on 25 years on the radio. Our family business and working behind that bar paved the way to being successful in sales and being a sports radio personality for that many years. I wouldn’t trade it for any amount of money. Family is family, and I love mine. Those were the days my friends.

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