The Detroit Tigers are off to a roaring start in Spring Training down in Florida. They have won a couple games and scored some runs. Bottom line, that doesn’t mean squat.

This is a franchise that has smelled for the past 5-6 years. They have lost 100 plus games. I'd compare it to eating potato chips; you start with one and just can't stop. That's the Tigers and their losing streaks.

They have had bad players, bad managers, bad contracts and have gone from a World Series contender to manure.

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Now there is a new sheriff in town. His name is a AJ Hinch, the new Tigers manager. He played for the Tigers under the guidance of Alan Trammell. They lost the most games in modern day history when he played with them.

So let’s fast forward to when Hinch won a World Series Championship with the Houston Astros. Of course, there was a ton of controversy with the team he managed because of the sign stealing. But that was then, this is now.

The Tigers have a slew of new players like Ramos, Grossman, Castro, Baddoo and Mazara. Those guys were free agent pickups during the offseason. But they will have a group of guys that have been down in the Minors waiting for a chance to achieve in the “Bigs.”

The Tigers' division has some solid teams. The AL Central will have the Twins, Indians, White Sox and Royals. A lot of baseball prognosticators think Detroit will be in the cellar again. I don’t doubt that.

But what I do believe is that with Hinch’s leadership they will be better. This guy knows players and how to interact with them, and they respond. This year’s Tigers team has to be better. The pitching has to come through.

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