As Pokemon Go continues to grow worldwide a lot of trainers are now using crowd sourcing to locate the rare pokemon everyone is so desperately searching for.

Introducing the PokeRadar app.

Using the PokeRadar app you can see a map overlay of your area with different "pins" where other trainers have spotted pokemon. As the in game radar is currently dealing with what is being called the "3-step glitch", where all nearby pokemon will appear to be three steps (around 200-300 meters away) even if they are not, this is a great way to search for pokemon at least a little more reliably.

These pins should be read with some caution though as anyone can place a pin somewhere and claim they found a rare pokemon like Charizard or Aerodactyl. Just as the internet can deliver wonderful things, the internet can also produce trolls hoping to waste your time for no particular reason.

There's been no indication from developer Niantic on when the 3-step glitch will be fixed or if any other improvements will be made to the in-game radar system, until then this new app seems to be a solid tool all aspiring pokemon masters should look into to aid them on their journey.