Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley is done for the season after collapsing on the Stars' bench during a game earlier this week.

The doctors that treated him on the scene said it was a cardiac situation. If they hadn't defibrillated him he might not have made it.

He now will undergo a procedure to regulate his heart.

After this tragic event, Peverley held a press conference and thanked doctors for saving his life, and everyone with the Stars, fans and family for their support.

This situation could have been awful. You can only think of the worst. He was lucky--very lucky.

Now what will the future be for Rich Peverley? Is his career over? I would have to say it is. Remember Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jiri Fisher? It was almost the same situation with him and he never played ever again in the NHL.

You don't fool around with the heart. The NHL is a rough and tough league, but there's no wiggle room for his situation. Peverley has a family and is probably set for life. I'm sure he can work in some capacity in the NHL, so he shouldn't push this circumstance. It's not worth losing your life over.

This played out well--live a great life and enjoy retirement.