Back in 1991 the Detroit Lions were a promising young team who had just won their first playoff game in the Super Bowl era. Fans were hyped and expectations were high, how would the team respond defending the NFC Central title in 1992?

The answer is poorly. A 5-11 record is even deceiving because the Lions were 3-10 before winning two of their last three games.

In those days there was no internet to post scathing hot takes or jokes about how bad your team was, you had to make them yourself physically and show them to people. Luckily we have the internet now and one Reddit user is showing the world his grandfather's jokes from 25 years ago.

The Detroit Lions 1992 schedule made by a fan who was probably displeased on how the division title defense was going. Photo Credit: Reddit user GermyBacon

Let's break down some of our favorite opponents.

Week 11 vs the V.A. Hospital Polio Patients, now that's a "must-win" game for dignity's sake. Same with week 5 and the Crippled Children's Home of Michigan. We don't even know what the Rochester Turkeys mean, but we do know they are playing them on Thanksgiving so at least it's festive.

Once you get past the opponents, the rule changes (or lack thereof) are also gold. "The Lions will be awarded a first down after each play, provided they still have the ball after the play" we assume this rule was debated hard by the competition committee but it remains in effect. To counteract it though the Lions will probably be penalized hard in week 10 against the Korean Veteran Amputees for complaining about how hard they are to tackle.

The only issue we have with this schedule is there are only 13 opponents, and no bye week. "A" for effort for sure but let's fill in the gaps and offer some modern day opponents to get them to 16.

Perhaps a late season matchup against the Travelling Novi Christmas Carolers? Or maybe the season opener the Lions could face the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?