One thing I’ve figured out in life is that some rules are just plain stupid. It doesn’t matter if it’s at work or in sports or whatever. Some rules are just unbelievable. Unwritten rules are even more unbelievable.

I really feel there are a lot of rules in sports that don’t have to be there. I am on a crusade now to get this one specific rule abolished. This rule was put into effect last year during the Pandemic when fans couldn’t attend games.

The rule I’m talking about is when Major League Baseball plays doubleheaders, they play only seven-inning games. Now, I can understand this during the Pandemic, but not now. During the Pandemic, there were no fans but now there are.

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I attended the Tigers game this past weekend and because of the weather, it was a doubleheader. For forever, MLB has had nine-inning games for doubleheaders. They haven’t changed the rule back yet since we've gotten through the worst of the pandemic.

The bottom line is fans are paying for nine-inning games and the games are seven innings long. This is a rip-off to the fans. It isn’t right! People work hard for their money and they are getting mistreated.

Commissioner Rob Manfred should be proactive and change this rule back at the All-Star break. This rule was designed for the Pandemic and we’re at the tail end of it. I cannot believe this rule is still in effect. They say they care for the fans and that’s crap. The players love it because they get paid big money for playing only seven innings.

The fans can come back to these stadiums and they are now full capacity. So, get with the program Manfred and change this rule back for the hard-working fans. This rule has to be changed soon!

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