The 118th Boston Marathon is one race this country will never forget.

Last year, Boston was rocked by two bomb explosions. I guess this could have been considered a American-international terrorist plot. Two brothers who lived in the Boston area made two homemade pressure cooker bombs.

Many people were hurt badly and killed. One brother was killed and the other was shot and has recovered. He is incarcerated and awaits trial. These two American brothers who had very close ties to the international terror scene did a lot of damage. Many victims had limbs torn off their bodies and their lives changed forever.

There will be 36,000 runners in this year's Boston Marathon, meaning more people than ever before will run the 26.2-mile course. I know a few people that are competing this year, and the thought of another terror plot doesn't scare these people at all.

I am proud to be an American, and though I have never run an any kind of marathon, the people who were hurt and killed last year will always be a strong inspiration to me. This country was built on toughness and two punk cowardly brothers don't scare us.