This kid may have a future in broadcasting. Listen as a 7 year old describes the tumultuous waves on Lake Michigan generated by 60+ mph winds.

"I'm talking about the thunderstorm, mommy." We don't know who the narrator is, or who the parents are, he is identified only as a 7 year old. Big storms like the ones we had the weekend of February 23rd can bring out the kid in all of us and display the fury of Mother Nature. Our unnamed family got in to Grand Haven State Park before it was closed. The waves of the channel have been whipped up by the colossal winds and the water that has crashed over the railing was creating a lake of its own in the parking lot that would soon cover the roadway.  "We're in the channel!" our announcer exclaims.

Grand Haven Tribune posted this 3 minute video on their YouTube channel. Listen as our young commentator can't believe his eyes: "They're soooo HUGE!" Like any kid, he wants to get out of the car and see the storm up close, but parental wisdom prevails and we only see the channel and Lake Michigan through the windshield. You will see several brave beach goers in the video below. My favorite part is at about the 2:00 mark when the lighthouse almost disappears behind a massive wave.

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