The verdict came back and Michigan’s Men’s Basketball head coach Juwan Howard got an enormous reprieve. Instead of losing his job, he only got a five-game suspension and was fined $40,000 for hitting a Wisconsin assistant in the head on Sunday.

This sends a message in my estimation that this behavior is ok and tolerable. Howard incited a fight between players and it could have spilled into the crowd.

So Howard keeps his job at Michigan and will coach again. All I’m saying is that it better not happen again. He can’t even have a popcorn fart or he will be canned.

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Maybe I am being excessive about this situation, but I really don’t think so. Juwan Howard has a past of doing quirky things. But this was a little too much. You don’t hit another coach, player, ref, or fan.

The bottom line is Juwan Howard will come back to his team when the Big Ten Tournament starts in Indianapolis. I still think if Howard would have been canned that would have shown the sports world we will not tolerate violent behavior.

In my book, they sure got this call wrong. Juwan, a piece of advice: chill out stud!

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