Well, the Major League Baseball season is in doubt as I write this post. Yesterday, the owners declined the counter offer from the Players Association. This has gotten to the point of no return. This is all the result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Spring training started out like usual. The MLB spring sites in Florida and Arizona were going strong. The games had begun, people were coming to the ballpark. Then, the pandemic swept through our country. March Madness was cancelled and other pro sports have been put on pause.

So, the owners and players came to a preliminary agreement that players' salaries would be pro-rated. But the coronavirus became too dangerous for fans to come to the ballparks when the games started up again.

Two weeks ago, the owners and Commissioner Rob Manford sent a proposal over to the Players Association. It stated the owners would agree to a 50-50 split with revenue. On Wednesday, the players sent it back and wanted to play 114 games instead of 82 and wanted the original agreement reinstated. This doesn’t count postseason money.

And now here we are at a total stalemate. The players should realize that with no fans there are no concessions. But the owners have to understand they must bend a little too.

This is my resolution: the owners, player reps, Commissioner Rob Manford and Players Union President Tony Clark should meet at a destination or via zoom. Get this hammered out so there is baseball.

Both sides have to realize what a horrible look this gives Major League Baseball. People are unemployed and scared about the pandemic to say the least. Plus, the collective bargaining agreement is coming up in 2021. So I’m pleading with you guys: get this done. If there is no baseball this year, they might have to scrap next season too.

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