If you haven't seen Jordan Zimmermann pitch this season, you might consider yourself lucky after you read this discovery.

A reddit user by the screen name of The_Nats_Of_Us, was looking into how one of his favorite pitchers is doing now that he no longer is a Nationals player. He is a fan of Washington based on the user name.

Of the qualified pitchers in the American League, (the Reddit post claims 45, FanGraphs says 42 as of this writing) Jordan Zimmermann is last in just about every single pitching category that matters.

ERA: 6.47 (42nd)

K Rate: 13.6% (42nd)

Groundball Rate: 29.2% (42nd)

Home Run Rate: 2.59 per 9 innings (42nd)

FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching, meaning if all pitchers had the same average fielders what would his ERA be): 6.63 (42nd and a full run higher than 41st place Ricky Nolasco)

xFIP (expected Fielding Independent Pitching stat): 5.61 (42nd)

WAR: -.6 (42nd) Zimmermann is also the lwoest in baseball-reference.com's measurement of WAR among AL starters

Innings Pitched: 55.2 (39th, ahead of teammates Daniel Norris and Matt Boyd who has made 11 starts compared to 10 for the other two.)

WHIP (Walk and Hits per inning pitched): 1.56 (36th)

The_Nats_Of_Us claims that this is the first time a pticher has been leading in any THREE categories of ERA, xFIP, GB%, HR%, K% or WAR at the same time and Zimmermann is somehow leading all six of those categories in futility. Perhaps we should leave it to him to best describe Zimmermann's season so far.

"J-Zimm is so far beyond a pitching Triple Crown of badness, it's like a Sextuple Crown of Sadness."

Zimmermann's next start is Saturday at home against the White Sox.

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