Yesterday, the Lansing Catholic High School administration sent a letter to parents stating there would be consequences for any athlete looking to kneel in protest during the National Anthem. Once the Lansing State Journal's Brian Calloway broke the story, the media and the Lansing community has followed the situation closely.

Today, Brian Calloway joined the Mad Dog Show to give more details on the situation. After Brian's segment, Michael Lynn Jr., parent of one of the Lansing Catholic players in question called the show to fill in some blanks about what happened with the school.

He mentioned that earlier in the week, before the letter came out, the parents and school officials had came to an understanding that players would face consequences if they chose not to stand during the Star Spangled Banner.

As Lynn noted, the school never explicitly used the word expulsion to describe any potential punishments. Expulsion could, however, potentially result from continued infractions on the school's expectations.

Lynn stated there were three steps. The first step included a conversation with the player. The second involved bringing the parents in on the conversation.

"And the third stage is we have to agree that this isn't a right fit for him and he can no longer go to this school," Lynn stated of the third step.

"It was asked several times that this was the third step," Lynn said of a meeting between his wife, himself, his son, President Thomas Maloney, and Tennis coach Ron Landfair. In the meeting, he wanted clarification on what would result if his son chose to kneel.

According to Lynn, his wife and him discussed the situation with their son to make sure he fully understood the situation and consequences.

"They're making a statement for the injustices they see in their lives," Lynn spoke before referencing an incident his son faced the week before in which he claims his son was called the n-word on the field.

This evening, after remaining mostly silent on the issue, Maloney posted a statement on Facebook regarding the frenzy.

For more information on what Michael Lynn Jr. had to say, watch the full segment above.

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