Last night something happened for the third time in Detroit Pistons history. They were involved with the NBA Draft Lottery. Hall of Famer to be Former Piston Ben Wallace was their representative, and the Pistons received the first pick in this year’s upcoming NBA Draft.

The Pistons

To be honest, this franchise is building a young solid nucleus to have a solid NBA team for the future. I’m not too hip to their owner, but they are getting better. The Pistons have been awful for so long it’s about time.

The Detroit Pistons are on the clock. That’s a great thing with the first pick in the first round.

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The Tigers

Now, let’s talk about the Detroit Tigers. This team also I feel is getting better. The new manager AJ Hinch is controversial because of his days in Houston, but he can evaluate talent well. The Detroit Tigers are a better team with him at the managerial helm. They need better position players that can hit, but the pitching isn’t too bad and they have many young arms. I feel in the next couple of seasons this Tiger team will be very competitive and make postseasons.

I’m not hip with their G.M. though. They might need a change there soon too.

The Lions

Next, let’s talk about one professional football team that has smelled for 50 years at least. Their name is the Detroit Lions. Again, this year everything is new and sanitized. New, G.M., new head coach and assistants, new players, high future draft picks too. Gone is an awful G.M. and rotten head coach. So, the bottom line is that they have to and will be better in the next few years. Hopefully sooner than later.

The Red Wings

Finally, we have the Detroit Red Wings who are really on the way up. They are led by Hall of Famer Steve Yzerman. He is the President of Operations. They, like the Lions, have stockpiled many high future draft picks. Also, they have a solid core of young players now.

All of the professional teams are on the rise for the coming years in Motown. They need people to come back to the games too. Covid and the Pandemic didn’t help either. These teams are starting to turn the corner in a positive fashion.

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