Last Saturday the MSU Spartan team came back from a 16 point deficit and hammered the Michigan Wolverines. The Wolves had a 7-0 lead in the first quarter with 4:07 remaining before the next quarter.

As Rod Stewart said, every picture tells a story, don’t it? The Michigan Wolverine players were fake posing for a photo on the sidelines, whooping it up and not focusing on the game at hand. Also, a lot of Michigan players were laughing, dancing and carrying on before the game ended. Not a good look when you’re up by 16 points and get beat by your in-state rival.

This is on their head coach and coaching staff. This same situation happened down in Miami versus the Canes. Two players were screwing around in the third quarter and they also got beaten by MSU.

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Why in God’s name do these players act foolishly when there is still a ton of ball to be played in the game? One of my co-workers said all these teams do that. I beg to differ. I never see Alabama do it for example. I always say the teams that aren’t disciplined and focused throughout the whole contest usually lose.

People might disagree with me and I really don’t care. The team that is all business and grinds it out throughout the game is more successful. These big-time head coaches need to keep their teams focused! What do you think? Please let me know.

Stop blaming the refs, no one’s buying sour grapes anymore. The bottom line is, score more points and don’t kick field goals!

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