We've entered a time of the year where cinnamon, caramel, and pumpkin-spiced everything have now entered the chat.

While not everything in the fall time is healthy, it sure can be delicious.

Below, we've compiled a list of the top fall snacks that you should add to your diet this year. A few might be pushing the boundary of what a snack truly is, however, a snack is whatever you make it, right??

These Are The Top Fall Snacks You Should Have This Fall

A few of the items on the list may not actually be considered snack food to many. However, delicious nonetheless, here are a few foods you should add to your fall diet this year. Just make sure all of them aren't daily, as a few of the options may not be healthy.
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Is there anything you would add or remove from our list?

This is a rather basic list. There are tons of family traditions for fall foods that I know I'm missing out on. Each family is different as well.

What is your fall tradition at this time of the year?

Unfortunately, most of my family traditions don't really begin until we hit the green and red season. However, there are tons of family's who have big Halloween parties, among other things. What are some fall seasonal favorites of your own?

Open the station chat features and let us know, you can even let us know on our social media.

We want to know what you do for Fall.

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