Earlier this week, I wrote about the justified optimism regarding the Detroit Tigers.  As you know, the Tigers finished 78-84 and finished in 2nd place in the American League Central behind the Minnesota Twins (by nine games).

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But even though there are legitimate reasons to think that your Tigers can make a run at the playoffs next season.  There are just as many legit reasons to think they will flame out and end up like this year's Chicago White Sox, who were in full-on quit mode the last two months of the season.

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This article is more for the people who are glass-half empty people.  Or as the legendary Detroit Pistons coach Chuck Daly once said about that:  "A Pessimist Is An Optimist With Experience."

Here are seven reasons why the Tigers won't progress towards a playoff berth (or reach the playoffs) next season:

Reasons For Pessimism For The Detroit Tigers In 2024