The Year of the Tiger --1968? Well,yes. But it was more than that. Far more. It was the Year of Detroit, with the riots, turmoil, racism, hatred, but the '68 Detroit Tigers we're very special.

This was just not any team. They will go down in history, for what they stood for. This was a stricken city, a worried city. A city that could have gone over the brink. A hard working city, with a common bond: the Detroit Tigers. Names like Kaline, Horton, McLain, Freehan, Lolich, Northrup, Stanley "Stormin" Norman, McAuliffe,Hiller, and the "Gator" were just a few names from that special team.

A baseball team trying to win a pennant. Men playing a boy's game. Well, yes. That's the way it was with that 1968 Tiger team. It was a year when an entire community, an entire city, was caught up in the frenzy of a baseball team trying to win a pennant . So, they beat the great Bob Gibson in dramatic fashion. The city of Motown came together, just like Boston last year after the Boston Marathon bombing's. what a season 1968 I was in 4th grade at St. Gerard, we watched those games on the television's on wheel's. I will never forget the "Silver Foxes" triple's and how great that was. Just meeting those players later in life will always be very special to me.