Mark Dantonio opened his weekly press conference Tuesday with a familiar mantra of "there's a lot of work to do", and for a program in the midst of its first three game losing streak in seven years, it is an understatement.

Succinctly describing the team's need for productivity and results before taking questions, Dantonio also mentioned that Northwestern (a 10-win team last year) is going to come into Spartan Stadium and play a tough game against them. Both teams share identical 2-3 records.

Dantonio fielded a lot of questions on his depth chart release that featured "OR" at the quarterback and running back positions, twice.

Dantonio also addressed other areas of concern for the Spartans other than the QB position, one of which is the lack of pass rush his team has been getting.

Dantonio was also asked if he had a message for Spartan fans who were upset, angry or disappointed in the team thus far.

To end the press conference Dantonio was asked a question paralleling a recent news story regarding the Presidential election, specifically the idea of "locker room talk" and if he has seen or heard any of the things that are being asserted from the political arena to be true.