The Chicago White Sox (52-55) took a big win against the Detroit Tigers (57-46)tonight, 11-4. It looked like a good start for the Tigers, scoring 2 runs in the second inning. The first off the bat of J.D. Martinez, hitting an RBI triple. The second from Bryan Holaday, hitting a sacrifice fly to score J.D. Martinez. In the 4th, the Sox started to fight back, Conor Gillaspie scored Jose Abreu off of a line drive single. Then, Gordon Beckham tied the game with a sacrifice fly to bring home Dylan Viciedo. Things went from bad to worse in the 7th for the Tigers, starting with Tyler Flowers hitting a ground single to score Gillaspie. Alexei Ramirez got a line drive double to bring home 3 runs. Abreu took the plate to hit a 2 run homer, and Adam Dunn hit a homer of his own, giving Chicago a 7 run lead over Detroit. The Sox wern't done yet, in the 8th, Abreu hit a line drive double to score both Flowers and Ramirez.  Tigers started to come back slowly in the 8th after J.D. Martinez grounded into a double play, but Miguel Cabrera was able to score. Then Holaday hit a ground single, bringing home Victor Martinez. But the damage was done, and the Tigers will get a shot at redemption tomorrow, game broadcast begins at 6:40 PM on Lansing's Big Talker, WJIM, 1240 AM.

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