The Detroit Tigers have turned into a very marginal team. They have $200 million invested in team salary. The current Tigers just flat out smell. But, whats puzzling they have very good players. Media members have tried to figure out why this team is dismal and they just stink. Some people have pointed their fingers at the late owner Mr. I. and his need to win now attitude.

There is some validity to this but they just aren't playing strong baseball. Their manager Brad Ausmus has come to the crossroads with his duties with the Tigers. Some media members aren't blaming him at all. But, he has sure not helped the situation. Their G.M. Al Avila who is the current man in charge has inherited this mess, but he hasn't helped the situation either.

I really feel bad about this Tiger team. But, the Tigers right now are going to have to smell for a while. Can they get back to the playoffs soon? Now, that Mr. I. is gone who will take charge? To many chiefs, not enough solid minor league players. This is an awful situation. Tiger fans you better get ready for the long haul to flat out smell. Mr. I. made this team very solid with his bankroll and former G.M. David Dombrowski, but the future looks bleak at best.

New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers - Game Four
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