The Detroit Tigers (7-5) beat the Cleveland Indians (7-8) in Detroit this afternoon, 7-5. The first run of the game was scored by Cleveland when David Murphy hit a fly ball, allowing Asdrubal Cabrera to come in for a run. Detroit responded in the 4th with a sacrificed fly ball hit by Austin Jackson, bringing in Miguel Cabrera for a run. Cleveland took the lead in the fifth when a line drive from Michael Brantley which scored two runs by Michael Borne and Mike Aviles. Tigers would win back the lead in the 5th with a 3 run home run hit by Ian Kinsler. Jackson would hit a sacrifice fly for an extra run scored by Torii Hunter. A single hit by Kinsler in the 6th would bring home Rajai Davis. Then in the 7th, a home run hit by Michael Brantley would bring in 2 runs, but the Tigers fight back in the 8th when a single from Davis scores a run for Andrew Romine. The Tigers take on the L.A. Angels at Comerica park tomorrow night at 6:40 PM on Lansing's Big Talker, 1240 Am, WJIM.

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