The Detroit Tigers are really starting to turn the corner. This team has been a freak show from day one this season. Detroit has lost 11 out of 12 to the Cleveland Indians. This is why a lot of people don't think the Tigers have a chance to win their division. The Tigers are on an outstanding win streak going into the latter part of the season.

The Tigers have had key people hurt off and on during the season. Now, Jordan Zimmerman, Cameron Maybin and Daniel Norris come off the disabled list. The Tigers have shut a lot of people's mouths. This team has now cracked the power rankings and is the hottest team in baseball. Just keep saying they can't win.

I can't predict the future, but can say Detroit's schedule is more favorable to them because of the home games. Manager Brad Ausmus has been under the microscope all season. Many media and fans thought he might be shown the door during the season. I was one of them for a while. This is Ausmus's third season in Motown and as a big league manager. But, there are still some people that would love to see the Tiger's fall from grace again. It's almost unbelievable! All I can say is there are many games left and the Tigers are on fire as we speak. Learn to like it.

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