The Detroit Tigers have finished another awful and disappointing season. We all know under Pandemic conditions this has been a different season in all sports.

The rules even had to be altered for a shortened season. That all being said, let’s not keep our eye off the topic.

The Tigers are not going anywhere in the near future. There are many holes and snags for this franchise to get to postseason honors. They have drafted pretty well in the past few years. But these guys have to get seasoned and mature in the minors for a while. This is not working for Detroit.

Other teams have been in the same boat and their knocking on the postseason door. These scouts have to get more international players and better players. I really believe their G. M. Al Avila needs to be replaced. Like I said he has drafted a few good players. But the only reason why is because they have smelled for so long.

The Miggy and Zimmerman contracts have been an anchor around their neck. The deceased Mike Illitch was the owner of the Detroit Tigers. His family took over and his son Chris Illitch is running the show. Well, he’s not his dad. His dad did overpay players but they won. They could have been better this year with the addition of a couple of temporary free agents.

These past three seasons have been a disaster. If the Tigers read this, they would say I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I do! These fans after this Pandemic will not buy tickets and come back to Comerica with consistency.

Chris Illitch and Al Avila have to realize fans can’t be sold a bill of goods. Anymore. They spew the same old story we are rebuilding. I’m not buying it anymore. Detroit is a rich sports history city.

They deserve better than the product that has been on the field lately. Let’s not forget they will have a new manager next season too. I would hire either AJ Hinch or Joey Cora. The Tigers are still a long way from being a contender!

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