The Detroit Tigers have finally traded outstanding outfielder J. D. Martinez to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Tigers received three minor league players. But, now the Tigers are on a little of a win streak. They are still on the road for a few more games. The Tigers love tugging on their fans heart strings. This team is like being on a roller coaster ride with a blind fold on. It's very disappointing as a fan or media member.

The Tigers are a very frustrating team this season. If they don't go to the playoffs this season there could be significant changes. Like, their manager Brad Ausmus could be dismissed. Plus, some other players could be moved. I really don't believe the Tigers can go to the playoffs but stranger things have happened. But, in this situation I feel it will not happen. The Detroit Tigers have the talent, so what has happened this past season? A total lack of getting it done from my vantage point.

No one knows how this season will end. But,if Detroit some how manages to make the playoffs it would be a great story. Like I said they have the talent, but do they have the middle relief and timely hitting to get to the postseason? All I can say is we will see!

Leon Halip - Getty Images Sport
Leon Halip - Getty Images Sport

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