The Detroit Tigers are between a rock and a hard place. They find themselves so close but so far from first place. This team has underachieved flat out. This team has lost eleven of twelve games to first place Cleveland. The Tigers have endured many injuries to key players. This team gave a true free agent a ton of money for being mediocre.

I really believe this team is better than their record indicates. But, they have to be better and quick. Many media veterans feel they should move some key players for other team’s farm hands. The Tigers find themselves at the crossroads of this season. Detroit is a very long shot to get to the World Series. The star players have to continue to grind this season out. Some young players have been outstanding, like Michael Fulmer and Cameron Maybin.

The Detroit Tigers have a manager who doesn't know his future. Brad Ausmus has been pelted with a lot of criticism, much deserved. That just goes with the territory. The Tigers Come home very soon for a nine game home stand. The pitching has to continue to be sharper and better. The hitting needs to be more timely and consistent. Can this team get better? If they don't win their division changes will be inevitable.

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