There’s one name in sports from Lansing I don’t want you ever to forget, and that’s Ed Farhat. This man was one of the trendsetting individuals who paved and pioneered what professional wrestling has grown into today.

This man’s pro-wrestling name was The”Sheik.” He hailed from Lansing, Michigan. My dad and uncles knew him very well before he got into pro wrestling. His nephew just retired from pro wrestling, and his name was Sabu who was Terry Brunke.

The “Sheik” was laid to rest on January 18, 2003. He was buried in Williamston and I attended his funeral. He founded Big Time Wrestling that I grew up on very early in my life in the '60s. The “Sheik” was known internationally for his intense character. He never spoke, only grunted and spoke in tongues. He also threw fire into the faces of his opponents.

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I got to know the “Sheik” very well in the late '80s and early nineties. I was introduced to him by a man who just recently passed away named “Shoes” Johnson. He brought him into my family's bar, DeMarco’s, years ago. The “Sheik” came to me with a job opportunity. I was awe struck when I met him for the first time. He was a gruff man who had a great sense of humor. His forehead was dug out from years of digging his forehead with forks and razor blades. In the olden days, they called that red for green. Meaning pro wrestlers would cut themselves and bleed for more money.

The “Sheik” wanted to know my knowledge of pro wrestling. He asked me some questions and I answered every one correctly. He then said he was going to bring Big Time Wrestling back into existence on channel 47 and would like me to be a referee. I immediately said “absolutely” but it never materialized. I was going to do it though.

I have a few stories from when I did hang out with him. Like the time he showed me how to throw fire.

The “Sheik” will live in infamy. Never forget Edward George Farhat, the one and only “Sheik” not the Iron Sheik!

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