Dubbed "The Ocho", the sports channel will air the movie "Dodgeball" twice during this period.  Others sports to be shown:

Ultimate: some call it Ultimate Frisbee (although the competitors are not allowed to use that word).  7 on 7 game where the first team to 15 goals wins.

Cornhole: you may have already seen some of these aired on the ESPN networks recently.  (Or in your own backyard).

Handball: which is basically racquetball without the racquet.

Competitive Eating: jury is out on whether this is actually a sport.  (Though Joey Chestnut would definitely say it is.)

Ultimate Dodgeball: you can't have a day named "The Ocho" without some dodgeball.  Four 10 player teams try to eliminate each other by throwing balls and getting "outs".

There's also darts, ping pong, moxie games, sumo wrestling, saber combat, chess boxing, and Kabaddi.

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