Now that the Super Bowl is over and the Denver Broncos shocked the world, there will be upcoming changes next season in the NFL. Like Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch announcing his retirement.  Now everyone is waiting to see if Lions great receiver Calvin Johnson and Super Bowl winning quarterback Peyton Manning will also retire.

The NFL is a billion dollar corporation. Roger Goodell the NFL commissioner earns around $50 million a year. There are a lot of people that know in the past the NFL has neglected the past players and their disabilities. But now, Goodell said at the Super Bowl they will continue to look into concussions and other debilitating injuries. They need to, that's for sure. After former players are dying and suffering from CTE a neurological disease, this is a severe problem with former pioneers of the game today.

Now, you have upcoming great players like Cam Newton, who just was beat in the Super Bowl. The NFL is changing, with a new era of players. I really love the NFL but they have some flaws. Like domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse. But, this has always been a problem but now because of more media and social media these problems are magnified. I don't know what Roger Goodell's legacy will be, but he sure rakes in the dough!

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