The National Football League has a lot of damage control to deal with. Here is a multi-billion dollar corporation that can't control their players. No matter how many seminars and good guy workshops that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell throws at these NFL teams it doesn't seem to faze the players.

The NFL players in the last few years have gotten the reputation as a bunch of thugs. Now, of course, there are great character players but lately they have been over-shadowed with awful player situations. These off-field issues have been in the news more than the games played. To me, this is making a lot of people sick. These players don't respect the game, the fans, teammates, the list goes on. These cats' salaries are crazy and they don't appreciate it, not everyone but some. The classic a few bad apples in the bunch spoils it for the whole NFL.

Now, in the wake of the Ray Rice, are Adrian Petersen, Greg Hardy, Richie Ingognito incidents and that just to mention a few. This is the deal: the NFL runs the television industry, the advertising industry, and is watched by millions and millions of people around the world. The NFL will always exist, but these bad apples have to get out!