Many people say Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin is a great guy.

That might be true, but he really screwed up the bullying situation between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

This could have been dealt with in a much better in-house approach, but in wasn't, Philbin denies he had any knowledge of severe bullying going on in his Dolphins locker room. I'm not buying it. No way this head coach didn't hear of any of the problems or rumors.

It sure is strange after the investigative probe that really got down and dirty into the true facts. Philbin should have lost his job for not being in charge and being the leader they hired. What happened instead is the Dolphins fired their offensive line coach and a trainer.

Philbin claimed responsibility for Miami's workplace environment. What a joke--he used the other men as scape goats to keep his job.

One thing the NFL, and this country have learned from this awful bullying situation is that it must end. Philbin must lead a crusade against bullying and similar problems in the NFL. The Dolphins organization is the posterchild for what happened with racially charged insults along with a lot of other awful problems. This can't be tolerated by any organization.

Bottom line: Philbin got a pass to keep his job, but I still don't believe he didn't know this garbage was going on in his locker room.