That being said, it was after the NFC Championship game, not during the game. Sure, by now we all know about the non-call by the officials, but the NFL may have still have got it right.

Of course, it was when the league called Coach Sean Payton after the game to admit that their officials missed a pass interference call in the final minutes of the game.

For the league to pick up a phone and call a coach that quick after a game, they knew that the officials made a terrible mistake by NOT throwing the flag.

Now, this all leads to, what does the league do about this? I say, let pass interference calls be reviewed by officials in New York in the final TWO MINUTES of the game. Not the whole game.

If we start reviewing every holding or pass interference call the whole game, the game will be last four-to-five hours. And that's not good for the sport, just ask baseball.

In any case, the league basically admitted that there is an issue and we will have to sit back this offseason to see if they address non-calls like what we saw in New Orleans.

I think Saints fans should extend their energy to not just signing a petition this week, but fans should call for the league to fix this. And that can be done by getting calls reviewed in the final few minutes of a game.



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