I dunno. I kinda like 'em.

The Michigan State Spartans have unveiled their new "alternate" uniforms for the 2019 football season. These are the same uniforms that we were shown artist's renditions of back in April. Yesterday, the real uniforms arrived in East Lansing, and the Spartans outfitted one of their mannequins so the press could check them out. Colton Pouncy, who writes for the Athletic, shared a photo of the new uniform on Twitter.

It didn't go well. Everybody hates the look of these uniforms.

Sports Illustrated called them, "abominable."

Daily Caller called them, "ugly."

And CBS Sports called them "hideous."

But they're not getting worn every game. They're "alternate" uniforms. They're supposed to be different. Plus, everyone's talking about them, and, like I say, any publicity is good publicity. And if these uniforms are so ugly the other teams are distracted—even better.

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