The New England Patriots are the reigning NFL Super Bowl Champs. There are a lot of people in this country that absolutely loathe the Pat's. Why, because they’re a winning franchise. People also dislike the New York Yankees in the same fashion. This is understandable with today's bandwagon jumping fans.

The Pat's are owned by Robert Kraft. He has been owner since the dynasty began. Then, he hired an experienced head coach named Bill Belicheck. He has been their head coach since 2000. The Patriots started to blossom after they drafted Michigan quarterback Tom Brady. Brady took over for an injured Drew Bledsoe and never looked back. Brady has won and been a part of multiple Super Bowl victories.

The New England Patriots are the most polarizing team in all of pro sports. Why? Well, they we're caught videotaping other NFL teams practicing. This in turn got them in big trouble with the NFL and they we're fined along with head coach Bill Belicheck. We are talking big cheese. Then, there was another controversy with Tom Brady and his involvement with deflating footballs.

This situation was so bad that the NFL suspended Brady multiple games. He was upset and took the NFL to court and he won. Now, it looks like The NFL could appeal the judge’s ruling. Bottom line, the New England Patriots is the best team in the NFL.

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