The NBA gets cranked back up tonight in Orlando, Florida at Disney World. The season is getting restarted after it was paused on March 11, 2020.

They are in what they call a bubble. That means anyone involved with the NBA players, coaches, staffers and trainers cannot leave the premises.

All sports at all levels were either cancelled or paused this year. The NHL also just restarted their interrupted season too. This pandemic has been unbelievable with every facet of life including all sports from high school to the professional level.

Tonight Zion, LeBron and Kawhi all get to start playing for their respective teams again in Florida. The NBA took the top twenty plus teams with their best win record and they will play postseason for the NBA crown.

Everyone says LeBron will win it all, but I beg to differ. I like Kawhi Leonard and the LA Clippers. This will be strange watching NBA games with no refs. But, because of the coronavirus, it has to be like that. The NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, has been very pro-active making sure that Covid-19 is contained out of the bubble. Like they say, let’s get that party started.

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