We mentioned earlier this week how in response to Jim Harbaugh not releasing weekly depth charts, Colorado (Michigan's opponent this Saturday) made a joke depth chart to taunt the Wolverines. That back and forth went pretty long Wednesday.

Continuing where we left off. Michigan took a jab at the most sacred of positions, the punt returner.

Colorado, perhaps knowing that would be a point of ridicule on their depth chart or by design, took the opportunity to counter strike with a jab at Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh's pride and joy, his khakis.

Michigan wants you to know, no one touches these khakis.

A classic rebuttal that really might be more appropriate for Colorado's plan for a win in the Big House Saturday.

Michigan welcoming the challenge of inferior competition in style.

Colorado's tired of their special teamers getting picked on, they're bringing in the big-boned guns with their starting left tackle joining the twitter fray.

Michigan jumps from special teams bashing to ripping the weak secondary we previously pointed out.

Oh snap, they brought the godfather to a meme fight, Colorado might be for serious.

The gauntlet has been thrown down apparently.

But not without a mic drop so sick you can hear it 22 years later.

Despite all the trash talking and roster overhauling from Colorado, Vegas still isn't buying in, as the Wolverines remain a 20 point favorite over the Buffaloes.