One of the greatest sporting events in the world is The Masters. This special sports event is absolutely historic. The Masters is held every year at this time in Augusta, Georgia. People from all over the world come to this great golf event. The Masters like no other event. It's a game changer for any man who wins this event.

Names like Jones, Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus and Woods are linked to The Masters. The Masters is such a great event that you are glued to the television watching it. The golf course is pristine and manicured to perfection. The Masters is usually on a lot of people's bucket list. I know it's on mine !

This year will it be Jordan Spieth that a lot of people will want to see win this great golf event. Last year, he chocked away the lead on the last day of the event. This will be the largest story line of this tournament. Can Speith cut the cake and take home the trophy. Now, Tiger Woods is a name historic with The Masters. But, because of so-called injuries he can't play. All I can say whom ever wins this great golf event their life will change immediately. Because, this is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. I like Lefty and that would be a great story.

Jordan Spieth
Getty Images

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