The Detroit Lions hired Jim Caldwell as their new head coach. He comes from the Baltimore Ravens as their offensive coordinator, where they won the Super Bowl last season. Before that Caldwell went 26-22 in three seasons with the Indy Colts.

Jim Caldwell has gotten a ringing endorsement from Tony Dungy. Dungy is one of the most respected NFL head coaches in the past few years. He  worked with Caldwell for seven years in Indy. Jim Caldwell is the Lions 26th head coach.

Now the harsh reality the Lions are a stinking franchise and have been since1957. Jim Caldwell better get ready for some negative intensity. The Lions are just not a team that knows how to win on a consistent basis. That's why the past few coaches have been paid handsomely, they just are not the right guys for the job. So why is Caldwell that guy? I guess next fall we will find out. If Tony Dungy recommends Caldwell that seems like a step in the right direction. He better have the antacids ready go, this will be very interesting.